Effortlessly orchestrate your conferences, connect with distinguished experts, and bring your event’s vision to life.

Welcome to C-Expo, where event excellence meets innovation. Crafted by seasoned event specialists, C-Expo is more than just a registration tool – it is a dynamic platform meticulously crafted to elevate every aspect of your scientific events, whether in-person, virtual or hybrid.

Drawing from our extensive experience in event management, we understand the nuances of organizing remarkable events. Our intuitive platform streamlines every aspect of event planning, from seamless registration to effortless program creation, ensuring your event’s success.

We are firm believers in the transformative power of collaboration and the exchange of expertise. Our platform connects scientific experts from diverse disciplines. Here, ideas not only thrive but also evolve into unforgettable experiences for every attendee, shaping the landscape of scientific knowledge and innovation.

With purpose and precision at our core, we are here to make your event vision a reality. Experience the transformative difference and let us be your scientific partner in achieving unparallel success.

Proven track record of >130 successful meetings
Engaged with >20,000 KOLs and HCPs
Reduced up to 50% time spent on communication and administration tasks
Attendance attrition rates as low as 5%

Streamline, connect, educate, engage.

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On and off-site management
As pioneers in scientific meeting coordination, we excel in providing seamless off and onsite support, allowing YOU to focus on what truly matters, while leaving the tough logistics to us.
DMC with in-house event technology
Experience our comprehensive Destination Management Services (DMC) with global integration, offering a unified platform for seamless engagement and exploration.
Delegate management
Ensure precise delegate information for streamlined processes.
Medical writing
We curate presentation topics to optimise learning and spark engaging discussions.
Transform scientific meetings with tailored interactive games for enhanced engagement, data collection and lasting memories.
Experience engaging, 24/7 learning opportunities that extend beyond the conclusion of the scientific event.

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